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I have radio buttons that are located inside a table, such as:

<tr id="radiofield-1080-inputRow">
  <td class="x-form-item-body" id="radiofield-1080-bodyEl" colspan="3">
    <input type="button" id="radiofield-1080-inputEl" class="x-form-field" autocomplete="off">
    <label id="radiofield-1080-boxLabelEl" class="x-form-cb-label">My Label</label>

I do find the input element, by the following code:

xPath = String.format("//tr/td[contains(@id,'%s')][contains(label,'%s')]/label", xType,      text);
webElement = webDriver.findElement(By.xpath(xPath));

but isSelected() or click() doesn't seem to work on it. Do you have any suggestion?

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in your XML code where is </input> ? please put it. – Arup Rakshit Apr 23 '13 at 15:38

Haven't used selenium in a while but from a quick google it looks like you should try the isChecked and check/uncheck methods.

Here's the Javadoc but for some reason can't get a decent link, obviously check on the Selenium object. If you're using a different version or if I misunderstood something sorry.

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In your code snippet problem with locator.

Use any of the below below locators


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Try clicking on the "input" instead of the "label". xpath of input:


If the input id is not always the same, you can try this, the location of input will be based off the label:

//label[text()='My Label']/preceding-sibling::input
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Thanks for all your answers. My finding concluded with the following: ExtJS implement radiobutton and checkbox as button, therefore the selenium isSelected() is not functioning. There is a need to implement isSelected(), as suggested at: How to check if extjs checkbox is selected in selenium?

The click() does the work, as it is a button.

Thanks again, Michal

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