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I'm writing a js recursion function to find all ancestors of an element a user clicked on. my code is like this:

/**a global variable.*/
var anc; 

function getAncestors(e){  
 var ele =; 
 var parentName =;    
 anc +=bracket(parentName); 

 if (parentName.toLowerCase() == "undefined" ) return;    
 else getAncestors(parent);     

I ran it using firefox, but there's an error message in the error console, "Error: ele.parentNode is undefined".

also, when i reset anc = ' '; it didn't work either.



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Where does the variable parent come from? And what does the bracket() function do? Is parent perhaps another global variable that's set by something else? – Greg Hewgill Oct 24 '09 at 4:59
  1. parent is undefined. You may have meant ele.parentNode, but see below.
  2. By name convention and by .target, I take it e is an event. But you pass parent, which probably isn't an event.
  3. You probably want to check that ele.parentNode is valid before getting it's properties.
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You might want to take a look at how they implement the parents function in jQuery.

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An undefined value, per Javascript standards, doesn't have a name attribute -- so rather than trying to get the name in one gulp, just do a var parent =; and bail out if THAT is undefined!

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You should break the recursion like this

if(ele.parentNode) return; is not supported by firefox

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That should be negated (if (!ele...), yes? – Justin Love Oct 24 '09 at 22:18

Maybe try something like this:

var anc = [];

function getAncestors(element) {
  if (element.parentNode) {
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