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i am developing report plugin for jira where i need to get assignee for given duration.it could be diffrent than current assignee in given duration.

now i am building my query in report like below.

JqlQueryBuilder queryBuilder = JqlQueryBuilder.newBuilder();

query = queryBuilder.where().updatedBetween(stdate,endDate).and().assignee() in(status_val).buildQuery();

     return searchProvider.searchCount(query, remoteUser);

i want to get the count for prior assigned issues for given duration.

please let me know how i can use Was clause with assignee and updatedbetween dates.

regards, tousif shaikh.

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Try reading this answer. In short, you'll need to define a new clause and use it in your query, like this:

JqlQueryBuilder builder = JqlQueryBuilder.newBuilder();
WasClauseImpl wasClause = new WasClauseImpl("status", Operator.WAS, new SingleValueOperand("Resolved"), new TerminalHistoryPredicate(Operator.AFTER, new SingleValueOperand(3500000L)));
JqlClauseBuilder clauseBuilder = JqlQueryBuilder.newClauseBuilder(wasClause);
Query query = clauseBuilder.buildQuery();
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