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I have made a custom authentication routine in APEX 4.2 (package). The username I enter is converted to uppercase by APEX.

  1. How can I prevent this?

  2. How can customize the error messages i.e. "Invalid credentials"?

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    p_username IN VARCHAR2, 
    p_password IN VARCHAR2, 
    p_uppercase_username IN BOOLEAN DEFAULT TRUE  --If TRUE then p_username is converted to uppercase.

source [1]:

  1. atm no idea, but i'm looking into it.
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There is a parameter to control the case of the username. See:

This may work in apex 4.2. On the Login Page of the application create a 'Before Header' process with this code:

if  apex_application.g_notification ='Invalid Login Credentials' then 
         apex_application.g_notification :='Your Altered Failed Login Message Here';
end if;
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