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I am trying to learn programming and web development mainly using the technologies: Java, JSF, MySQL ( and Hibernate hopefully. ) on serverside, HTML ( + CSS ) , Javascript on client side.

I can find books + resources on these subject individually. However, I was unable to find any book or a resource which looks at the big picture.

How can I learn not to write spaghetti code but rather layered applications? I know how to create tables, do CRUD operations etc.. I know about basics of Java, JSF. But I do not know how to connect all these.

For example:

Do I make a class named User which represents a table called UserTable in my DB and put methods like isLoggedIn() and put all the SQL statements in there, or should it call a method in UserService which then goes to UserDao ?

The only resource I have is the Internet and Amazon, so no mentors, instructors around me of any kind.

I know this question will get me downvotes, but nevertheless, I will try my luck.

Thank you.

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Step 1. Read the FAQ. stackoverflow.com/faq –  BNL Apr 23 '13 at 13:46
codeacademy.com –  Michael Gardner Apr 23 '13 at 13:47
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It's called experience... and in most cases there's not 1 good way to do things, it will depend on your application, its goals, the number of users, size of the data, number of developers... Asking is already a good start though. –  Bartdude Apr 23 '13 at 13:50
Try this tutorial: netbeans.dzone.com/articles/develop-java-ee-6-app-jsf2 –  Gilbert Le Blanc Apr 23 '13 at 13:50

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Many options...

  • Buy books or get accounts with SafariBooksOnline or Books24x7
  • Google it :)
  • Practice coding
  • Study software engineering patterns
  • Subscribe to programming newsletters/blogs/etc.
  • Study for certifications
  • Take classes at a local college/university
  • Ask questions
  • YouTube

Taking self-paced or instructor led training may be the best because of our the course ware will be structured. MIT has open course ware that may have some relevant materials.

Good luck. :)

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