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I have two tables,

id | name | city_id
1  | abc  | 1
2  | xyz  | 3
3  | hkj  | 3


id | name
1  | BN
2  | KR
3  | OP
4  | HD

I am creating a form using Symfony2 forms. I want to know how to list out all the cities as the <option> for a <select> form element so that for user xyz the following markup is generated.

  <option selected='selected'>OP</option>

I have the code something like this at the moment in my controller,

$user = // object of user entity

$form = $this->createFormBuilder($user)
     ->add('name', 'text')
     ->add('city', ...)  // What do I put in here so that I generate the markup as specified above
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You just need to specify the 'property' field.

->add('city', 'entity', 
         array('required'   => true,
               'label'      => 'label',
               'class'      => 'YourBundle:TheClass',
               'property'   => 'name'

Sandeepraju's answer applies if you want a query builder to restrict to only some of the choices.

Read more:

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You can look there: to code something like that:

 ->add('city', 'entity', 
          array('required'   => true,
                'label'      => 'label',
                'class'    => 'YourBundle:TheClass',
                'query_builder' => function(YourClassRepository $er) {
                       return $er->createQueryBuilder('e')->orderBy('', 'ASC');
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if city is an entity, than it can be simple ->add('city'). If you want a default value, you could provide entity in $options like 'data' => $defaultEntity. Also your city entity must have a __toString method. However, if you don't have an entity on city, you could use something similar

$builder->add('gender', 'choice', array(
    'choices'   => array('m' => 'Male', 'f' => 'Female'),
    'required'  => false,

This field may be rendered as one of several different HTML fields, depending on the expanded and multiple options:

  • element type-(expanded/multiple)
  • select tag-(false/false)
  • select tag multiple-(false/true)
  • radio buttons-(true/false)
  • checkboxes-(true/true)
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