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I've successfully created a ProxyPass ajp rule which works fine, but now i want to restrict the access of certain urls using an ip-whitelist. In other words, when someone comes from an ip that is not on the whitelist the request should not be proxypassed (and, ideally, some sort of access denied should be issued)

i don't have control over the machine i'm proxy-passing to, so i can't put the ip-whitelist on that machine's configuration. That's why i'm trying to configure this on the same machine that has the proxypass rule.

Defining a <Location /path> with 'Allow from'-rules doesn't work, because the request is still proxypassed. I guess this simply means the proxypass rules preceed the location-rules.

I've tried to work around it by setting an environment variable depending on the remote-address (because then i could proxy non-whitelist-ips to nonexistent url - not pretty, but it would achieve the goal), but it seems the proxypass rule doesn't work with environment variables. Something as simple as this:

SetEnv custom_proxypath=/
ProxyPass %{ENV:custom_proxypath} ajp://
ProxyPassReverse %{ENV:custom_proxypath} ajp://

doesn't work. while

ProxyPass / ajp://
ProxyPassReverse / ajp://

works perfectly.

I'm out of options. Does anyone else have a suggestion how to approach this?

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I learned this today.... SetEnv is applied later in the request cycle than the ProxyPass, so it isn't set in time. However, SetEnvIf is applied early enough, as are environment variables set with RewriteCond/RewriteRule. You should be able to refactor this to a SetEnvIf that is always true and that will do the trick.

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