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How can I change in console uploaded file name without changing records in DataBase?

For example:

 => #<CarrierWave::SanitizedFile:0x007fdeabefbd98 @file="/.../public/uploads/app/2/photo/3_venice.jpeg", @original_filename=nil, @content_type=nil> 

=> false

=> "/.../public/uploads/app/2/photo/3_venice.jpeg"

My final aim to find file with some dependent name, like (without first symbol, model ID - 3): venice.jpeg

And rename it to needed name: 3_venice.jpeg

Is it possible?

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My solution :)

Photo.find_each do |p|
    File.rename((p.image.file.file.split('/')[0...-1].join('/')+'/'+p.image.file.file.split('/').last.split('_')[1..-1].join('_')), p.image.file.file) if p.image.file.exists? == false
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