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I have written a perl module that is used in several of my scripts. It exports only one function (but uses more) that returns an array. I now need to use it from VBA (that is to get the function that returns the array or the array itself).
I tried differents kinds of solutions.
I found one that works. I create a .NET dll with PerlNet from ActiveState PDK and import it under Visual Studio 2010.

But it is a solution that is not free. And I unfortunatly do not have the budjet.

Does anyone have some kind of solution?

Thank you,


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If you'd rather spend your time than your money, you could start your research with perlembed. Strawberry Perl should give you all the tools you need to compile another (embedded) copy of perl.

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Thanks, I will check out Strawberry Perl. I should have said that it is my employer that would rather spend my time than buy a license. –  Jacob Ilyane Apr 24 '13 at 9:16
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