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I needing to debug an asp.net/json web services for a project I'm working on that is not working, and need to use Chrome Developer tools.

When I bring up developer tools, the only panel button I have is the Elements panel, and it is grayed out. I do not have the Resources, Network, Scripts, Timeline, Profile, Audits, or Console panel buttons.

I have Chrome 26.0.1410.64 m. Due to the problem I'm having, I also installed Chrome 28.0.1486.0 canary. When I first installed canary, the panel buttons were there, then they disappeared.

I have searched for a solution, but have not found anything that would explain why I am missing this functionality.

I have the following extensions installed:

  • Advanced REST Client 3.1.2
  • Clearly 9.3366.554.201
  • Google Docs .5
  • HTML Validator 1.3.3
  • RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) 2.2.2
  • Speed Tracer (by Google) 0.27
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Found the problem, quite by accident. The buttons were there, but the theme I was using made them appear white-on-white. I changed the theme and now they are visible. The icon graphic is not displayed, though.

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