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I want to incrementally backup all my ms office, pdf, html, xml files to a shared network. I will be reading the files in chunk of 5mb also i will be doing MD5 on that data to consider de dupe factor. My question is say a particular files gets modified after uploading and now i want to incrementally backup the changed data and if i consider the same chunking size then all the chunks will appear to be different and i need to upload them all again. So is there any better approach for de duplication, or will it be better to know the structures(raw reading) of all the specified files and then working on de dupe?

Thanks and Regards, Haseena

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This is really a bad title. Please read… – Soner Gönül Apr 23 '13 at 14:05

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You can check up rsync and its algorithm.

Otherwise you may have to do something like what datadomain does. Checksumming variable chunksizes so that data segments may be identified independently of their offset in a given file. Please search on the net to look into their patents etc. Giving a fullwrite up here is not possible.

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