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Is it possible to get default item value using plsql? I have a validation and in case it fails I want to reset item to its default value. I tried using apex_util.set_session_state('P_ITEM_NAME', null) but that did not have any noticeable effect.

How can default item be retrieved or item itself be reset?

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When creating a page process, there is a condition called "Inline validation errors displayed", maybe this will help? In this process you can reset items to null, then when page loads, item values will return to their default values.


Create process:

  • Process Point: On Load Before header

  • Condition: Inline Validation Errors Displayed

  • Process source:

      for i in (
       select t.ITEM_DEFAULT, t.item_name
        from apex_application_page_items t
        where t.application_id = :APP_ID
          and t.page_id = :APP_PAGE_ID
      ) loop
        apex_util.set_session_state(i.item_name, i.item_default);
      end loop;

This will return all page items to their default values. This solution some ugly, but i don't know another solution for this problem.

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But processes do not run when page has validation errors. –  michael nesterenko Apr 24 '13 at 18:00
Look for update –  NoGotnu Apr 25 '13 at 7:15

:P_ITEM_NAME := null;

The difference here is the ":" infront of the item. Using it like this will give access to the item. Using apostrophes isn't needed I believe.

If this doesn't work with your version try without the ;.

So you can use:


To get the value.

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Apostrophes are necessary as set_session_state accepts varchar2 name of item. Calling set_session_state from validator function is not useful as it seems that session state and item value are the same thing and if I clean session state item value is also cleared. I there were something like request scope. I found a solution however rather ugly one. –  michael nesterenko Apr 23 '13 at 18:47

I could not find any function that would return me default value using an item. However I could use default item setting to mimic this. Page processes do not run when page has validation errors, so I added conditional page process that performs the same checks as my validation and when these checks indicate that validation fails it just clears item state.

This is ugly as it requires checks to be duplicated and it seems that it is necessary to replicate almost same page controls through all pages where such reset mechanism is necessary.

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