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Yii available source codes (demos) are rare. Some of Yii open source applications (like zurmo crm) are too complicated to go through the code for learning reasons. So is there any repository that offer user contributed codes and modules available on the net?
For example Yii playground staff is related to theme aspects, what about repository of codes?

Why I ask this question: After 3 month of coding with Yii, I do not know how expert I use Yii framework. Am I going 10 miles per hour with my brand new BMW?

if there is no repository available, please let me know.
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You can find all Yii Extensions on their website. You'll find anything from whole applications down to tiny wrappers for jQuery plugins.

There are also several good links in the documentation section.

I also want to recommend you my Yii project, called Phundament which is a complete application made of extensions, just go to the vendor folder after the installation and look around.

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