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I am trying to display the count of the field in the footerTemplate. Follow is the fiddle:

However, without the footerTemplate it works fine. But as soon as I add the footerTemplate, it stops working.

Inside the aggregateResult object I am getting the value of count. But then how shall I add it to the footerTemplate?

Kindly help me out.


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I could not explain why it's not working. But I have tried doing your example by other way and it works well.

Here goes the link.

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And if you want to maintain mvvm pattern. Then here goes one more way to do it. – Umakant Patil Apr 23 '13 at 19:33
Thanks Umakant!! I tried it the normal way n it was working fine..but the MVVM way didnt work out!! Thanks and Ona Both were correct this time :) – Hardik Apr 24 '13 at 8:12

The problem is with your approach the grid is rendered twice, the first time on Kendo UI initialization (implicit during the first bind) and the second when you bind the actual data.

The first time the data is still not available and then it fails.

If anyway you want to follow that path you should do:

<div id="myListView" data-role="grid" class="transaction-grid"
            { field: 'name', title: 'Name', width:'20%' },
                field: 'age',
                title: 'Age' , 
                footerTemplate: 'Total Count: # if (data.age) { # #= age.count # # } #'  
     data-bind="source: dataSource">

i.e. check if data.age is available and then is when you print it.

Otherwise, I recommend following @UmankantPatil suggestion and do not use data-* but JavaScript for initializing the widgets and binding data.

Check it in the modified version of your JSBin here

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Thanks Ona!! Both you and Umakant were correct on this one...your solution worked as well!! :) Thanks for giving a brief explanation of what was happening behind the scenes.. – Hardik Apr 24 '13 at 8:17

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