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Currently, I am developing an App using the AppConKit 3. In the debug perspective of the IDE, there is a view at the bottom called "Device Log". It is supposed to display log messages generated by the mobile device. There are two fields to input an URL and a port and a "Connect" button. I'm not sure which settings to use, the default settings with port 4012 did not work for me - I couldn't see any log messages.

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To enable the log view, you have to enable the log server in your app's server part. Switch to the Java perspective, unfold the "WebContent" area and also the "WEB-INF". In there, you should find the ibiz.prop file. In that file, uncomment the two lines

#the port the remote device connects to
devicelogport            = 4000
#the port the remote UI connects to 
guilogport                = 4012

When you now restart your app (server), you should be able to connect to the device log server and see log messages.

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