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Is there anyway to control the Chrome Web Inspector in the JavaScript console?

For example, say I wanted to select an element (#test_element) in the "Elements" panel. Normally I right click on the element and choose "Inspect Element".

I'd like to do this in the JavaScript console, using something like:


I'd like to be able to access the entire UI of the web inspector this way. I'm open to using extensions for this as well.

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Use inspect for this purpose. Since you want to use a selector, combine it with the console's $ alias for document.querySelector. If the page overrides $, because it uses jQuery, use $$(selector)[0] to get a reference to the DOM element (anything would do, as long as it's a reference to a DOM node).

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You can also just run the selector and return the Element to the console. The WebKit inspektor does display them like this –  Julian Dec 25 '14 at 16:13

From the Command Line Api Reference


Opens and selects the specified element or object in the appropriate panel: either the Elements panel for DOM elements and the Profiles panel for JavaScript heap objects.

The following example opens the first child element of document.body in the Elements panel:

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