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I have created a simple JQuery script with hovering effect on some links. The script works fine as you can see here : Test Sample ... (Please test it on any browser other than IE)

But if i hover fast on the links, you will notice the image icons do not disappear as required. I have tried everything to fix this but i can't find a suitable solution.

The question now: How can i be sure the mouseOut hover effect is applied after the mouseOver hover effect is completely done ?

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You need to apply the stop() to the elements that have been animated. Try this:

function hide_frame() {
   var hoveredLang = $(this).parent();  			
      .find('.language-name').stop(true, true)
      .find('.download-img').stop(true, true)
      .find('.info-img').stop(true, true);
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Yes ... I've got that, it's now working fine. I should apply the stop() to every effect per element. Thanks a lot Alex & o.k.w :) – Brad Oct 24 '09 at 13:52

Becuase your animation effect has a duration to completion, you need to handle cases where hover/unhover happen during the animation.

I use JQuery's stop function (



Give it a try.

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Thanks for the help Eg. I did it as you mentioned, i wrote in the unhover event : $(this).stop(true, true); But nothing is changed ... You can check it in the sample online, i have updated it. But your idea is right ... The problem is because i unhover so fast before the duration of the hover effect completes. Any other suggestion ? – Brad Oct 24 '09 at 8:30

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