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What's the best way to disable JavaScript minification in CodeKit? All those *-ck.js files it creates are making a mess of our repository's submodules.

Note that adding a rule to .gitignore doesn't work because its rules aren't inherited by submodules.

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I've since moved over to Grunt. Once grunt-watch is set up correctly, auto-reload works everywhere, including phones, iPads, and other computers. – joemaller Dec 3 '13 at 22:25

In CodeKit Preferences select Languages / JavaScript to edit the default settings for JavaScript handling. (These can be overridden for each file in a project.)

Change the setting for the second processing step (labelled "Then:") from "Concatenate + minifiy" to "Concatenate imported files". For any script file already in the project check whether it already has individual settings which still differ from this new default.

In this case, "*-ck.js"-files should only be created in case a source file imports another for concatenation but not for ordinary script files.

Alternatively you might specify a different output path for the generated ck-Files in CodeKit Preferences / JavaScript / Output Paths in order not to let the generated files clutter the source directory.

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I believe the menu has been updated, but the answer from immo still stands. Under Javascript Language settings you can click a dropdown for output style and change it from minified to non-minified.

enter image description here

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One workaround is to set the output path to something like codekit-ignore in Preferences > JavaScript > Output Paths, relative to the project's root folder.

Then add /codekit-ignore to .gitignore.

Easy to cleanup and feels better than find . -iregex '.*-ck\.js' -delete.

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In the preferences see 'Skipped Items' under 'General' and add *.js to the list.

enter image description here

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This doesn't really work. Adding this rule to an existing project has no effect, *.js files are still linted and minified. True, new CodeKit projects created with this rule don't lint or minify scripts, but it also breaks auto-reload for those files. – joemaller Dec 3 '13 at 22:22

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