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I want to be able to do create a variable "hasBannana" exists only within the mako template html that checks for certain things. Assume grocery and and store were passed in from the function that generated the template.

%for customer in store:

hasBannana = false // Invalid syntax
%for item in grocery:

%if item == 'Bannana':
  hasBannana = true  // Invalid syntax

%if hasBannana: // Invalid syntax
  <span>Bought a Bannana</span>
%end for

How do I correct this syntax? Is this even possible what I want to do?

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Something wrong with your ending %endfor tag, there should be two.

Code between if tags will be output, <% blah %> then code will be executed.

% for item in ('apple', 'banana'):
        isBanana = False
    % if item == 'banana':
        isBanana = True
    % if isBanana:
        <span> Bought a banana</span>
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