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I am little too bad in the UI design in asp.net/html. I am trying to build a new website (just to get back on the skills to develop UI designing) using asp.net/html/visual studio 2012. I have the UI with master pages/css and I am using divs to get the elements in place (I am using px in css width/height). All looked good when I have my browser in maximized view. When I resize the browser, every thing in the page is so scrambled and I don't even get a scroll bar at the bottom of the browser.

I checked couple of websites and found that I am doing something wrong. When you go to amazon.com and resize your browser, it won't scramble and every thing stays in place. How can I get that? What am I doing wrong? Please advise.


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Sounds like you have floating elements that aren't cleared. You (perhaps) could fix it by ensuring you are clearing floating elements in your CSS by using clear.

Since you are inexperienced, you'd probably be better served using a boilerplate which will provide you with a good framework to build around. Here are some:

  1. HTML5 Boilerplate for ASP.NET MVC4
  2. Twitter Bootstrap for ASP.NET MVC4
  3. Amazium
  4. or just search for 'bootstrap' on NuGet
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...and possibly could benefit from doing some CSS tutorials. – MikeSmithDev Apr 23 '13 at 16:01
Thq for the head start and I am using float in my css. I'll look into your suggestions and I should probably get through it. – PushCode Apr 23 '13 at 16:10

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