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I have a data set(binary file) which i want to read only the first half of X (and corresponding Y) data which is saved to 4D matrix:

 for i = 1:vols
    for j = 1:cols
       XY(i,:,:,j) = fread(fid,[X Y],'int16');

How do I modify the above loop so only the first e.g. 10 X data (and corresponding Y) is read in for each vols and cols?


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Do you file contain only required part of data (e.g. part of matrix) or you need read part of file? – Danil Asotsky Apr 23 '13 at 16:00
Need to read part of binary file only (to reduce memory usage) – 2one Apr 23 '13 at 16:38
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You will need to implement reading for each vols and cols in following order: read part of Y for the first input X, than skip rest of this line, read part of Y for the second input X, etc.

After reading of requested number of X lines, you will need to skip rest of matrix before read next (vols, cols) pair.

To skip part of matrix you can use fseek function.

Let X_count and Y_cound are dimensions of submatrix; X_total and Y_total are dimension of total matrix. You need something like following:

for i = 1:vols
   for j = 1:cols
      for k=1:X_count
          XY(i,k,:,j) = fread(fid,Y_count,'int16');
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