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I am quite new with Linq to SQL and MVC but I follow the NerdDinner on ASP.NET site.

I have tables Tournaments and TournamentTypes which TournamentTypeID is a reference.

In my MVC Detail view page, I want to display the TournamentTypeName which is sitting under TournamentTypes object. How do I achieve this?

In model class:

public Tournament GetTournament(int id)
            return db.Tournaments.SingleOrDefault(x => x.TournamentID == id);

In the Detail View:

            <%= Html.Encode(Model.TournamentID) %>
            <%= Html.Encode(Model.TournamentTypeID) %>
            <%= Html.Encode(Model.CourseID) %>
            <%= Html.Encode(Model.Name) %>
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If your entity assocations are setup, you should be able to do something like:

        <%= Html.Encode(Model.TournamentType.TournamentTypeName) %>
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