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Recently, I have been going through some HTML5/CSS3 tutorials.In one of the tutorials he introduces the Flexible Box Model.To use its features we type display:-webkit-box; -webkit-box-pack:center; -webkit-box-flex:1 My issue is that I can only use it in Chrome,but I want to write a generic HTML5/CSS3 code that uses this feature and others(shadow,gradient) in IE and Firefox too.

I tried looking up on the net but could not get a satisfactory solution to my problem.

Can someone give any suggestions.

Thank you.

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Flexbox is not supported in all browsers yet. You can use Flexie as a temporary solution: http://flexiejs.com/. Flexie uses the old (2009) syntax for Flexbox.

Here you can see the browser support for flexbox: http://caniuse.com/flexbox

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My issue is that I can only use it in Chrome

And Safari! Geez.

IE apparently has -ms-box from version 10, and Firefox supports display: -moz-box, but the MDN article mentions that the flexbox spec is expected to be replaced by something else.

I don't think there's any equivalent for earlier browser versions.

Here's an old Mozilla hacks article about it:

And here's the Can I Use page:

Overall, flexbox seems to be bit of a crapshoot for everyday use.

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ya I saw about the -ms-box,etc but they don't seem to work.My point is that how should I code my webpage so that it runs on all browsers. –  user2029727 Apr 23 '13 at 17:03
@user2029727: it won’t run on all browsers. (Although if it’s crucial for your purposes, Flexie from @Martin’s answer is probably worth a go.) –  Paul D. Waite Apr 23 '13 at 23:20

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