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I've got a simple string that looks like a:104:{i:143;a:5:{s:5:"naz";s:7:"Alb";s:10:"base"}} and I'd like to save all text in quotation mark cleaning it of things like s:5 and stuff using regex. Is this possible?

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Although I think I get what you mean, for clarity can you post what the Expected Output would be? –  Corey Ogburn Apr 23 '13 at 16:04
Yes, it is possible. What have you tried so far? –  Aleks G Apr 23 '13 at 16:04
What would the desired output be for the example you posted? It is a little unclear. –  Walls Apr 23 '13 at 16:07
Well all ive maneged to clean it of all letters and some soecial chars like echo preg_replace('/[0-9a-zA-Z^\;^\:]/',"",$data); Autpoy shold be clean json so {{"naz":"alb"}} –  Wojciech Szabowicz Apr 23 '13 at 16:07
Is this a serialized or session-encoded string? –  bwoebi Apr 23 '13 at 16:10

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Want to get everything between quotes? use: ".*" as your search string (escape " characters as required)

..also you can check out http://www.zytrax.com/tech/web/regex.htm for more help with regex. (It's got a great tool where you can test input text, RE, and see what you get out)

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As long as the double quotes are matched, the following call


will give you all the text between the quotes as array of strings in $matches[1]

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function session_raw_decode ($data) {
    $vars = preg_split('/([a-zA-Z_\x7f-\xff][a-zA-Z0-9_\x7f-\xff^|]*)\|/', $data, -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY | PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE);
    $result = array();
    for($i = 0; isset($vars[$i]); $i++)
        $result[$vars[$i++]] = unserialize($vars[$i]);
    return $result;

I have this snippet somewhere found on my server... (no idea from where it is or if I have it written myself)

You can use it and do:

$json = json_encode(session_raw_decode($string));

This should do the job.

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