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I've checked out a bunch of files from TFS in VS2010 and made changes to several of them. How can I see which files I actually made changes to?

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Maybe not the most convenient solution and I'm fairly sure there's a better way, but if I remember correctly, if you choose "Undo", you should see a list of changed files possible to undo. Same should go for "check in". –  Joachim Isaksson Apr 23 '13 at 16:05

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Use the TFS power tools. Open a visual studio command prompt, navigate to your workspace and then type

tfpt uu /noget /recursive

This will undo any pending changes on files that haven't been modified

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Is View -> Other Windows -> Pending Changes what you are looking for? That lists all of the changes in your selected workspace that are pending a check-in. It looks (and behaves) differently in VS2010, but here's what it looks like in VS2012.

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To add to hawkke's answer, I use CTRL-K C to show the pending changes window - very useful.

(hit ctrl-k and the then 'C' key right after).

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