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I have an issue trying to filter the results of an association. I have a list of categories with many subcategories. I'm using MVC architecture. So, here is an example what I'm trying to do:

var subcategories = category.subcategories();

subcategories.filter("title", "some text");
subcategories.each( function (item) { console.log(item.get('title')); } );

Some how the filter is not applying. It always return the original store, same amount of records, etc.

I'm also doing this:

var subcategories = category.subcategories();

subcategories.filterBy(function(item) {
   console.log( item );
   return (item.get('title') == 'some text');

But the console.log it's not running even once! The store is full of records, I've cehcked that

Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

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Couple questions:

  1. What version of Sencha Touch are you using?

  2. When using associations in Sencha Touch you still need to do a lot of work by yourself. It's not completely automatic. For example you need to add all subcatagories manually to each category object. Are you doing this?

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ST2.2. I thought Associations worked that way. But I have to specify remoteFilter so it works automatically doing requests to server side API. Thanks for your reply. –  Cristian Conedera Apr 25 '13 at 15:29
I don't believe it would automatically load subcats and assign them to proper categories. You need to load subcategores store manually and then go and add necessary ones to their categories. –  sha Apr 25 '13 at 16:01

This may be a late answer, but it will help many people who are searching solution for the same problem.

The key is to calling setRemoteFilter(false) on Association's Store.

var products = user.products();
products.setRemoteFilter(false); // without this line, filter on Association's Store didn't work
var categorieFilter = new Ext.util.Filter({
    property: 'categories',
    value   : 'Electronic'
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