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Is it possible to access the URLs of easy_thumbs created images?

I have a model with an ImageField and a ModelForm to match.


class ModelWithAnImage(models.Model):
    image = ThumbnailerImageField(

Following the documentation I am using signals to generate two thumbs when the image is uploaded.


from easy_thumbnails.signals import saved_file
from easy_thumbnails.signal_handlers import generate_aliases_global


This is working fine but is it possible to then access the url for those thumbs?


model_with_an_image.image.url returns the original image (as you'd expect).

The aim is to send the thumb url via AJAX to an external source so the {% thumbnail %} is not going to help me at the moment.

# requirements.txt

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The documentation points to the thumbnail_url template filter, which can return the URL of a thumnail inside a template.

You can call the template filter like a real function from your view (or anywhere else), and it should work just as fine as in a template, e.g.:

from easy_thumbnails.templatetags.thumbnail import thumbnail_url

thumbnail_url = thumbnail_url(model_with_an_image, 'small')

Behind the scenes, the filter just calls get_thumbnailer so you could also write:

thumbnailer = get_thumbnailer(model_with_an_image)
thumbnailer.generate = False  # so a not generate a thumb if sthg went wrong
thumbnail = thumbnailer.get_thumbnail(thumbnail_options)
#  do stuff with thumbnail.url
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Ah of course! Missed that and I had even linked to the documentation, n00b mistake :-) Thanks. – rockingskier Apr 24 '13 at 9:24

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