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I'm using the Wordpress Contact Form Manager plugin. If I set a dropdown's element Default drop down value to some value that value does appears selected as I've set it. The problem is when I click on the dropdown to expand it, the additional Select option appears as shown on the image, and I can't seem to find where could I customize this. I went through their FAQ and googled but no help.enter image description here

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As it seems the option to edit this really doesn't exist via the plugin admin panel and in order to remove the additional Select option you have to edit the create-contact-form.php starting on line 1006 and comment the code out:

if($formElementDetail->client_view_multi_select_drop_down != 1){
    //$replace = $replace.'<option value="">Select</option>';

You can of course comment (or remove) the whole if case. Hope this will help someone.

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