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I am trying to create a list that shows you a set of options to do changes to the the list. but its not working can someone tell me what is wrong with it please.

menulist=( "1. Print the list",
        "2. Add a name to the list",
        "3. Remove a name from the list",
        "4. Change an item in the list",
        "9. Quit")


target=input("Pick an item from the menu:")
 while (target in list):
     if target="1"
        print list
    elif target="2"
        Addname=input("Type in a name to add:")
            print menulist()
    elif target="3"
        Removename=input("What name would you like to remove:")
            print menulist()
    elif target="4"
        Changename=input(What name would you like to change:")
        changetoname=input("What is the new name:")
            print menulist()
    elif target="9"
            print"good bye"
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You've got no opening " in your elif target="4" branch – akluth Apr 23 '13 at 16:59
You have various syntax errors, such as no : after conditionals, you're using the assignment operator (=) when you want comparison (==), etc. You should probably start with an introductory book to Python – Charles Salvia Apr 23 '13 at 17:00
Is that code in Python? – Sam Bruns Apr 23 '13 at 17:02

Several Things

  1. your variable is named list, while not an error exactly this is bad form
  2. your list is really a tuple, tuples cannot be changed
  3. list.insert is not valid python
  4. input is dangerous in python 2.x , try raw_input instead
  5. target will never be in "list" therefor you will never enter your while loop
  6. several syntax errors

input will evaluate whatever it is given even something like import os;os.deltree("C:"); DONT TRY THIS! which would allow a malicious user to execute anything they wanted to on the system running your software

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can u explain number 4 please @Joran Basley – user2312139 Apr 23 '13 at 17:20

Here is my example of a simple menu in Python. It is an improved version of an old one from this site.

import os
import msvcrt as m

 # Function for waiting for key press
def wait():

 # Clear screen before to show menu, cls is MS Windows command

while ans:
    Simple menu:

    1.Add a Student
    2.Delete a Student
    3.Look Up Student Record
    ans=input("What would you like to do? ")
    if ans=="1":
      print("\nStudent Added")
      print("\nPress Enter...")
    elif ans=="2":
      print("\nStudent Deleted")
      print("\nPress Enter...")
    elif ans=="3":
      print("\nStudent Record Found")
      print("\nPress Enter...")
    elif ans=="4":
      ans = None
      print("\nNot Valid Choice Try again")
      print("\nPress Enter...")
      ans = True
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Fixed and commented, they're mainly syntax errors.

menulist= '''1. Print the list,
    2. Add a name to the list,
    3. Remove a name from the list,
    4. Change an item in the list,
    9. Quit''' #assuming you want to display menulist, having it as a tuple is useless

lst=("johny","tom","kim","tim","jim") #don't use reserved names for variables, may mess up things

target=raw_input("Pick an item from the menu:")

if target=="1" #this is an equality operator, whereas = is used to assign a variable
    print lst

elif target=="2"
    Addname=raw_input("Type in a name to add:")
    list=list.append(Addname) #use append instead of insert, insert is for a specific position in list
    print menulist #no parentheses, menulist is not a function; also this doesn't have to be indented

elif target=="3"
    Removename=raw_input("What name would you like to remove:")
    print menulist #again, I took the parentheses away

elif target=="4"
    Changename=raw_input("What name would you like to change:") #you'd missed the " at the beginning
    changetoname=raw_input("What is the new name:")
    list=list.replace(Changename, changetoname) #removed the '. They're the variables, not the strings 'Changename' etc that you want to replace.
    print menulist

elif target=="9"
    print"good bye" #excessive indenting

else: #this replaces the initial while
    #do nothing if the initial input is not 1,2,3,4 or 9
    print menulist
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