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I am getting this error sporadically. The same transaction works fine if I retry. Below is my table definition.

lob(DOC_DATA) store as securefile LS_<mytablename>_DD1
tablespace DBLOB disable storage in row chunk 16k retention auto nocache logging
storage(maxextents unlimited pctincrease 0 freelists 12 freelist groups 2)
index LI_<mytablename>_DD1 (tablespace DBLOB storage(maxextents unlimited pctincrease 0 freelists 6))

I have a simple insert statement in my Stored procedure.

The algorithm is as below.

sp name (arrDocData IN mytablename%TYPE,)
insert into table_name (col1,col2,blobcol) values (inval,inval2,arrDocData)
commit write batch nowait ;
end SPname;

Any help will be highly appreciated. I have already made sure that the arrDocData is not null.

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This posting asserts that "ORA-22922 is a symptom of a program that is incorrectly handling LOB locators across transactions" The rollback seems to be a potential issue. –  criticalfix Apr 23 '13 at 17:37

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