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I know I can specify a column alias like so:

SELECT stuff as mask

Is there a way I can specify a column alias without returning that column data in the result set? Essentially, I want to be able to make my query clean by doing:

SELECT doManipulationStuff(cleanCompactAlias)


reallyLong.misleading.andAnnoying.columnName as cleanCompactAlias
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You can use a Common Table Expression (CTE) to create a subquery with aliases:

WITH clean_cte AS
  SELECT reallyLong.misleading.andAnnoying.columnName1 as cleanCompactAlias1,
    reallyLong.misleading.andAnnoying.columnName2 as cleanCompactAlias2
SELECT doManipulationStuff(cleanCompactAlias1), 

That way you can put all of your aliasing in the CTE and just forget about it when calling your functions. You still have to do the aliasing somewhere, but this at least keeps it out of your main query to make it a bit more readable.

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...only if you're using a version of SQL Server that supports it. –  Yuck Apr 23 '13 at 17:32
There are other RDBMS's that support CTEs. But point taken -- not all support this syntax. I believe MySQL does not. –  Jeff Rosenberg Apr 23 '13 at 17:35

You could use a subquery:

select doManipulationStuff(cleanCompactAlias)
from (select t.*, reallyLong.misleading.andAnnoying.columnName as cleanCompactAlias
      . . .
     ) t
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