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I am trying to create thumbnail image from a MP4 file using ffmpeg php library.

I have

 $ffmpeg ="/usr/bin/ffmpeg";

 $image_source_path = '/project/a1/a1.mp4';


 $image_cmd = " -r 1 -r 0.0001 -s ".$ALL_PLACE_WIDTH."x".$ALL_PLACE_HEIGHT." -f image2 ";

 $dest_image_path = '/project/a1/foo-%03d.png';

 $str_command= $ffmpeg  ." -i " . $image_source_path . $image_cmd .$dest_image_path;


I only need the first frame of the video but my codes would generate 2 images of the video which is not what I desired. Can anyone help me about the problem?

thanks so much!

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