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I am trying to persist a JPA entity with a collection of custom @Embeddable objects using the JPA2 @ElementCollection annotation. Simple example (both classes are enhanced by datanucleus):

public class TestEntity {
    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY)
    private Long id;

    private Set<TestEmbeddable> testEmbeddables;

    public Set<TestEmbeddable> testEmbeddables() {
        return this.testEmbeddables;

public class TestEmbeddable implements Serializable {
    public String s;

The persisted Datastore entity, however, will only contain a collection of null values instead of the actual objects:

TestEntity.testEmbeddables = [null, null, ...]

Persisting a collection of basic types such as Strings or embedding a single TestEmbeddable object using @Embedded works perfectly fine. Would someone be able to clarify whether element collections of embeddables are supported by datanucleus-appengine?

While the datanucleus section on JPA element collections only gives an example for a String collection, the corresponding JDO section uses a custom embedded-only type. The feature list further states that embedded collections in general are compatible with GAE, but does not say whether custom types are supported. I also found one other person claiming that this should work.

-- Edit --

Following DataNucleus' answer, I ran some more tests:

private List<String> stringsElementCollection;

--> Works. The individual Strings are persisted as TestEntity.stringsElementCollection = [str1, str2, ...]

private List<String> stringsEmbedded;

--> Same as @ElementCollection. I wonder if the JPA specification covers the use of @Embedded on a collection, though?

private List<TestEmbeddable> embeddablesElementCollection;

--> Doesn't work. Instead of the actual TestEmbeddable objects, the Datastore persists only a collection of null values: TestEntity.embeddablesElementCollection = [null, null, ...]

private List<TestEmbeddable> embeddablesEmbedded;

--> This seems to work. The TestEmbeddable.s field is stored as TestEntity.s.0, .s.1, etc. plus a TestEntity.embeddablesEmbedded.size property.

(App Engine SDK, datanucleus 3.1.3, datanucleus-appengine 2.1.2)

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Have you tried code.google.com/p/objectify-appengine. This API encapsulates lot of things for your development. – Sathish Jayapal Apr 23 '13 at 19:50

No idea if Google support embedded collections of such objects yet with JPA. That was only developed for JDO and works there. You could try putting a @Embedded on the embedded field to reinforce the idea that its embedded.

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Thank you for the hint! While combining @Embedded and @ElementCollection doesn't work, using only @Embedded works, although I'm not sure in the way it's supposed to. See above for the results - does that look right to you? Regarding the Google support you mentioned - does datanucleus-appengine need to provide explicit JPA support for this? I thought that DataNucleus abstracts from the JDO/JPA layer and that datanucleus-appengine 'only' translates DataNucleus functionality for the Datastore, regardless of whether JDO or JPA is used... – David Geiger Apr 24 '13 at 16:23
Moreover, I just noticed that the JPA implementation (probably the same for JDO?) apparently won't track changes to collections of embeddable objects, with @Embedded as well as with @Lob, if not explicitly marked as dirty. It works for Strings, though (@ElementCollection and @Embedded). – David Geiger Apr 24 '13 at 18:10
Yes their plugin has to make use of some things in metadata that only JPA has. The only other thing to say is use the latest SVN trunk of their plugin (since that hasn't been released in some time and may or may not affect things), and when having problems you report them to their issue tracker code.google.com/p/datanucleus-appengine since Google likely couldn't care less about monitoring some Stackoverflow tag – DataNucleus Apr 24 '13 at 18:27

The issue has been recorded by David Geiger here: https://code.google.com/p/datanucleus-appengine/issues/detail?id=318

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