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I'm new to Eclipse. Just downloaded trial of FDT and trying to get it all work together. So things i did: 1) Downloaded and installed(unpacked) Eclipse (i'm on Mac) 2) Installed FDT 3.5 Beta as Eclipse plugin 3) Installed latest AptanaStudio

Now, when I start the Eclipse, I cannot create Flash Project anymore. Seems that Aptana has replaced the FDT menus and actions. My aim - is to make Eclipse create a flash projects where I can edit PHP/HTML/JS files with highlighting, and also I would like the ability to work with MySQL. So my problem is now - lack of knowledge - what to do now? How can I create such a Flash Project with PHP files?

Thanks in Advance.

P.S. I've seen that some of the users use that combo( here ), therefore decided to ask.

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Try again with the latest FDT 3.5 release, it should work now!

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