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I am trying to go through rag-doll wizard of unity 4, It need elbow and knee joints, but 3dsmax biped object dont have knee and elbow, I tried to put upper arm as elbow and upper leg as knee, but resulted rag-doll is twisting wrong ways.

How can i add knee and elbow in 3dsmax biped ? or how can i make unity ragdoll work with default 3ds max biped skelton ?

I cant really find anything about this topic anywhere. i am sure i am doing something very stupid which no one ever did.

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Try using the forearm and lower leg as elbow and knee respectively.

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yea that works actually. the problem was the collider of upper legs, they were coliding with each other resulting a quick bounce and then weird rotation, i disabled upper leg colliders and seems working ok –  topmop75 May 1 '13 at 15:03

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