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I'm writing a method to compare two objects of the same class. The second object is passed in as an argument. The method starts by calling a private method CalcValue on the current object, that if neccessary (only need to do it once) calculates the numerical value of it and puts it in it's private variable value.

How can I do the same thing for the object sent in as an argument? How do I access that object's private CalcValue method, and later access it's private value variable? Should I make the method public and write a public access method for the variable?

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I don't know which object-oriented framework you used, so I assume [incr Tcl]. You will need to make the CalcValue method public if you want the second object to access it. Below is an overly simplified example that illustrate how to access your method:

package require Itcl

itcl::class Thing {
    method CalcValue {} { return 999 }
    method compare {otherThing} {
        set myValue [CalcValue]
        set otherValue [$otherThing CalcValue]
        # Do something

# -------- MAIN: Create two instances and compare --------
Thing thing1
Thing thing2
thing1 compare thing2

If CalcValue is private, then the call $otherThing CalcValue will fail.

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