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Just got this weird problem, where I have a scroll view and buttons in the scroll view. I want to display a UIPopover from the button when touched, with UITextFields inside the UIPopover. The problem comes when the Keyboard appears. In certain cases, when the UIButton is so high in the view that the popover can only be displayed under it with the UIPopoverArrowDirectionUp, and when keyboard pops in, this popover cannot move any more up and therefore magically disappears to the top left corner (probably some Apple thing).

My solution is to check the frame of the UIPopover and to check that there is enough space for the keyboard, and if not, scroll the UIScrollView up with the buttons as well in order to be able to push the UIPopover up and so make sure that both the Keyboard and the popover fit.

So the question is: Is it possible to move the popover as the button moves?


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