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I am working on mvc2 application. I have a ViewModel defined as below :

    public class TestViewModel
        /// <summary>
        /// Get and Set the EnabledSections
        /// </summary>
        public List<string> EnabledSections { get; set; }

I am filling the TestViewModel 's property EnabledSections with a list within an action method :

public ActionResult TestAction(Student student, string[] sections = null)
      var model = new TestViewModel 
        EnabledSections  = model.TestSections.Where(s => s.Value.Item2 == true).Select(s => s.Key).ToList();

I need to access the EnabledSections in the jquery method :

function CheckEnabledSection(){

Can anyone guide me to resolve the above mentioned issue?

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Firstly, you must pass your view model into your view, so from within your action it would look something like:

return View("ViewName",model);

Also, be sure to declare the type of model within your view:

@model TestViewModel

Then from within your view, you need to add any information from the model into your js:

    var jsSerializer = new JavaScriptSerializer();
  var enabledSections = @jsSerializer.Serialize(Model.EnabledSections);//serialize the list into js array


Now you can access the js variable enabledSections within your javascript

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Thanks a lot. The above approach worked for me :) – santosh kumar patro Apr 24 '13 at 6:54

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