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I need to solve the next system for y:

y''(x) + k(x)y'(x)(y(x)**3/4)+(y'(x)**1/4)=0 

which goes like that:

i=1: y''(1) + k(1)y'(1)(y(1)**3/4)+(y'(1)**1/4)=0 

i=2: y''(2) + k(2)y'(2)(y(2)**3/4)+(y'(2)**1/4)=0


i=N: y''(N) + k(N)y'(N)(y(N)**3/4)+(y'(N)**1/4)=0

I wrote a Python program based on two scripts. A main program, and a second newton-jacobian script, as I am using Newton iteration method, cause this problem has 2 boundary conditions at u and u'

Right now, I can solve the next one:

y''(x) + k*y'(x)(y(x)**3/4)+(y'(x)**1/4)=0 , 

only when k=constant number !

In my problem k depend on x, calculated in the program, has N values.

Does anyone know or can suggest a way to solve the above nonlinear system I interpolate k, and I tried to call the k_function() in the second Newton solver script, but I didn't make it. It does not recognized it.

Any suggestion, from someone that have solved an analogue system of nonlinear equations, will be more than welcomed!

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Did you take a look at…? –  elyase Apr 24 '13 at 0:30
yes... thank you for the response. It is not working to me. –  user1640255 Apr 26 '13 at 15:08

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