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I just wonder how can I see the content of 8(%rsp) using GDB. according to several source that I found after googling several gdb guides, when I try to view the content of register rsp, I can use this command:

print/d $rsp

will print the address of $rsp. However, when I tried:

print/d 8($rsp)

I got segmentation fault. when I try:

print/d *$rsp+8 

It said that I couldn't dereference a generic pointer. I also try to use:

x/8d $rsp

However, I think this command will view 8 numbers below rsp instead of above rsp. am I right? The only reason why I want to view the content of 8($rsp), there is an assembly statement:

cmp    0x8(%rsp),%eax

any suggestion guys?

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Rsp does not have an address; it has a value that's typically, but not necessarily, interpreted as an address. –  Seva Alekseyev Apr 23 '13 at 20:34

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In fact, you were extremely close to the solution. The right syntax was simply print /d *($rsp+8) or x /x $rsp+8.

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ah, sooo close. thx man –  Jack Skernov Apr 23 '13 at 20:40

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