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What I'm trying to do might be simple for veteran programmers. I have two Windows machines: MachineA and MachineB. From MachineA, I want to:

1) ssh into MachineB, run a batch file say C:\parent\test.bat -start 2) delete C:\parent folder 3) Copy C:\parent folder from MachineA to the C drive in MachineB 4) Run C:\parent\test.bat -stop 5) I need to do all the above through a script on MachineA (preferably a Batch Script)

Most of what I've read so far about this uses plink or other software (someone suggested WinSCP). It would be nice if I could do all this WITHOUT installing any software. Any suggestions?? (I do have msysgit on both machines)

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SSH is not supported by windows. You will have to install a utility to run a command on a remote machine

You can find details in this post: How to execute a dos command on a remote PC?

Your other option is to use Windows Powershell scripts.

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