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How can we version two different git repositories at the same place?

For example, if we have a folder twoRepositories and insided of it we have two files common.txt and root.txt (owned by the root user). How can we version the first file with a common user (and using a remote called, for example, common) and the second file (and using another remote called, for example, root) independently?

In other words, when we use git push with the common user the common.txt(only) file is sent to the common remote and when use git push as root the root.txt foes to the rootremote.

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You may be able to use two different branches - each with only one of the files in?

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This will not work as I expect. The common user should not be able to switch to the another repository (or as you propose, to the root branch). Another thing is I would like keep both files at the same time (not to have it on different branches). One could be a virtualhost configuration and the another a log, for example. – GarouDan Apr 23 '13 at 22:34

What about creating two distinct directories - each their own git repositories and symlink the relevant files into each ?

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The truth is I'm doing this, but I'm wondering with we have a way to put them to live together. Looks like the params available at the git init could help. I need to take a look. – GarouDan Apr 23 '13 at 22:47

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