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I have been using Enthought Python Distribution (EPD) for some time. It allows the user to install the latest precompiled python packages (e.g. numpy, scipy) with a single command.

Today I wanted to install EPD on a new machine, but found that they've replaced it by a new product called Enthought Canopy. The problem with Canopy is that it has a GUI:

__boot__.py: cannot connect to X server

My machines are headless and don't run X servers. Is it possible to install packages in Canopy without X? I've searched their knowledge base but couldn't find a solution. They request that unpaid and academic users post questions on Stack Overflow instead of contacting them.

If that's not possible, is there a way to install EPD any more?

Edit: I realize that this question doesn't really belong to SO. Please migrate it to SU if needed. Thanks.

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EPD is a development tool so we think your question belongs on SO even though it is about EPD installation. –  Jonathan March Apr 23 '13 at 23:42
Canopy does provide some headless operation, but as you observed, it is not yet publicly documented, because it is not yet well-tested in multiple environments. Please feel free to email canopy.support@enthought.com for details. –  Jonathan March Apr 23 '13 at 23:47
Thanks, I've emailed them –  netvope Apr 25 '13 at 0:23

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Try this article: Using Canopy on headless Linux servers

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