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Developing an OCR correction module, I'm experimeting in Python. The idea is to try to correct each word in OCR based on dictionary(vocab) using bigrams,Jaccard index and edit distance.

Sample vocab:

vocab = ['maze', 'mouse', 'mice', 'race', 'mike', 'mock', 'snake']

Bigrams over the vocab:

vbgrams = defaultdict(Set)

for v in range(len(vocab)): #for the entire dictionary/vocab
    bigs = [vocab[v][i:i+2] for i in range(len(vocab[v])-1)]
    [vbgrams[big].add(v) for big in bigs]

Input search term

tbgrams = [term[i:i+2] for i in range(len(term)-1)]

Counting bigram hits per vocab item:

match = Counter()
for vbst in [vbgrams[tbg] for tbg in Set(tbgrams)&Set(vbgrams.keys())]:
    match += Counter(vbst) # vbst = Set([4,6]) - indexes for each vocab

Finally Jaccard index:

out = list()
for (vi,c) in match.most_common():
    d = len(vocab[vi])-1 + len(tbgrams)
    print "%s\t\t: %d/(%d-%d) = (%.2f)" % (vocab[vi],c,d,c,float(c)/(d-c))
    if float(c)/d > 0.4: 

When I provide term 'make' Jaccard indexes are:

snake  : 2/(7-2) = (0.40)
maze   : 1/(6-1) = (0.20)
mike   : 1/(6-1) = (0.20)

As a result, all three items would be skipped.

Howver, if I calculate edit distance and ratios, I get usable values:

snake - 2 Ratio: 0.666666666667
maze  - 1 Ratio: 0.75
mike  - 1 Ratio: 0.75

Is bigram step unnecessary? Is it fine to take top 10 vocab matches if Jaccard indexes are too low and go by Edit distance directly?

Note: There is no tag available for Jaccard index.

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This might be relevant: norvig.com/spell-correct.html - The approach seems to be make some assumptions about type of errors you are dealing with, then use Bayes' theorem. –  user1149913 Apr 24 '13 at 1:40
@user1149913 Thanks, I had checked that link following other SO entries. I'm following Information Retrieval book. From the book, I understand that bigrams & Jaccard index help narrow down matches to reduce edit distance calculation. However, I need help in understanding when would index not help and how to know that. –  Pro Chats Apr 24 '13 at 1:55
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