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With both GIT tools and command line, what is the easiest way to find out which commit removed a particular word from a file?

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You could use the methods described in this post:

If you know the contents of the line, this is an ideal use case for:

git log -S<string> path/to/file
git log -G<regex> path/to/file

Or you could try:

git blame --reverse
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I'm accepting this answer. But I actually forgot to mention a few details in this question. I created another post with more details for my questions: stackoverflow.com/questions/16203763/… –  Glide Apr 24 '13 at 23:10

git blame will show you the most recent commit that changed each line of a file. You can use that on your file, and then go to the line where your word is.

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Type gitk in command line it would show the graphical tool for comparisons of the file.


   $ git log -p

One of the more helpful options is -p, which shows the diff introduced in each commit.

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