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Basically I want to retrieve the same value provided by the "pluginContextPath" variable used in a gsp but in a groovy class.

class {

String pluginCtx = $pluginContextPath

byte[] logo = grailsApplication.getParentContext().servletContext.getResource("${pluginCtx}images/myImage.jpg").bytes;


I know that I cannot use the $pluginContextPath variable in a groovy class, but I tried using something suggested in post but it gives me the dir full path

GrailsPluginUtils.pluginInfos.find { == pluginName }.pluginDir

but what i want is what the pluginContextPath variable does

"When you run the plugin in development mode the link to the resource will resolve to something like /js/mycode.js. However, when the plugin is installed into an application the path will automatically change to something like /plugin/example-0.1/js/mycode.js and Grails will deal with making sure the resources are in the right place."

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I found a way to get it using the PluginManagerHolder. String grailsPluginContext = PluginManagerHolder.pluginManager.getPluginPath('my-plugin') – amoran Apr 24 '13 at 2:33

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