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I have recently been tasked with working on creating a gadget for a project that is hosted on app engine. I am also hosting the gadget specification on app engine.

The gadget specification is generated on the server side as it refers back to the application id that the gadget is hosted on (this project may be hosted on multiple IDs), so I suspect that the gadget is subject to the same start up times that application is subject to when it has been inactive for a period of time (I don't know that this has anything to do with the issue I am having).

Now to my problems. I have observed the following behavior:

  1. After coming back to the mail inbox that I installed the gadget to the gadget has more often that not disappeared from the left side menu.

  2. I came back to the mailbox after leaving Firefox open for an extended period of time, and after trying to use my gadget I received a 504 error "Unable to retrieve gadget spec"

Are these related? Does anyone have experience with this issue? The gadget itself is working great hosted on app engine aside from this.

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It's unlikely to be an App Engine issue. Have you checked the logs in your admin console to see what happens when it attempts to fetch the gadget spec, but fails?

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