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I was following the Getting Started guide for Google App Engine and got to the step "Uploading your application". When I uploaded my application the Data Store Index never made it to status Serving, instead it went to Error.

I removed the datastore-indexes-auto.xml and created my own datastore-indexes.xml in the WEB-INF directory to see if that helps. When I tried uploading I get the "Cannot build indexes in ERROR" message as per this link

I follow the instructions and comment out my <datastore-index> element and run appcfg vacuum_indexes Guestbook\war. This moves the index into Deleting state but then it eventually goes to ERROR again instead of being removed. I tried creating a new index and the same behavior happens for both. I can't get rid of them!

Can anyone shed some light?

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I am also having the same problem –  skukx Apr 24 '13 at 6:54

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Use the "report production issue" link in the admin console.

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