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I am planning to implement a tab bar module in JavaScript.

I want to create a TabBar every time the page loaded, and then put two Tabs into it.

The problem is, what's the best way to add click event to my tabs?

Here's my code:

 // A tab in tab bar.
 Tab = function(titleID, contentID) {
   this.title = document.getElementById(titleID);
   this.content = document.getElementById(contentID);

 Tab.prototype.show = function() {
   this.title.className = "title-bg-active";

 Tab.prototype.hide = function() {
   this.title.className = "";

 // Tab bar contains several tabs.
 TabBar = function() {
   this.tabs = [];

 TabBar.prototype.add = function(tab) {
   // TODO add click listener to tab

 TabBar.prototype.open = function(tab) {
   for(var i = 0; i < this.tabs.length; i++) {
     if(tab.title == this.tabs[i].title) {

 window.onload = function(){
   tb = new TabBar();
   tb.add(new Tab("famous", "famous-content"));
   tb.add(new Tab("recently", "recently-content"));

I really don't want to use jQuery or any other library, thanks!

I also need to notify other tabs to close, how can I do that in onclick? I think the tab should hold a tabbar, but how?

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Inside your tab constructor, add this.title.onclick = this.onclick, then define onclick in the prototype:

Tab.prototype.onclick = function(event) {
    // handle click
    // 'this' will hold the clicked element

Considering your update, this could work:

TabBar.prototype.add = function(tab) {
    var bar = this;
    tab.title.onclick = (function(clickedTab){
        return function() {
            // Hide all tabs
            for(var i=0; i<bar.tabs.length; i++) {

            // Show clicked tab
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Thanks ! That is really helpful. –  MrROY Apr 24 '13 at 4:27

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