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I have a nodejs app that uses Express and Jade. I want to precompile the jade templates for better performance. I have been able to convert the jade to javascript using jade --client to compile all the .jade files to corresponding .js.

How do I use these js files in my app? I don't have much experience with nodejs/express, but I think it must require changing the rendering engine? I have read the official documentation that says to use runtime.js but I couldn't find any documentation as how exactly it is to be used.

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you can try the requirejs module which is very easy to use. In your server side code you can pre-complile your jade files in a folder and then from client side you can call the require function in order to run your pre-compiled template, something like this:

require(['<template_name>'], function (parse) {
                document.getElementById(<div_id).innerHTML = parse({
                    locals: <data_to_be_passed>
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You can use the jade-runtime module (unofficial). When you do require("jade-runtime") it seems to add a "jade" object to the GLOBAL object so it might just work like that.

What has worked for me is prepending the following code to a file that contains the (client-mode) compiled template function.

jade = require("jade-runtime").runtime
module.exports =

See https://github.com/meryn/make-document-html and its Makefile to see it work (the compiled, requirable template function ends up in lib/template.js). But it could all be done in Node.js itself as well.


I need to add that, unless you want to prevent a Jade dependency (as I did), it's not necessary to work with precompiled template files to get the benefits of precompilation. You can just do templateFn = jade.compile(templateCode) somewhere and reuse that. In fact, I would be surprised if express does not cache the compiled templates itself when you do res.render(templateName, vars). It would be wasteful if it didn't. But I have no experience with express. Have you checked what Express render function does?

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